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Applications on the main page

What is a dictionary used for?

It contains gathered vocabulary from all lessons throughout the course. There are different ways to browse through it – check it out.

How does the Calendar work?

Calendar is a very useful application, aside from its standard function – date information. Each student can manage their time and plan different activities, thanks to the function which you can add new tasks. The calendar is viewed monthly on the main page.

Forum (Comments)

Here, you can read, what other students are writing about.


Here you can do anything. What to do, when I forgot my login or password?Just click the „Lost password”, which is located in „Login” module. Then, write in your Username and email address, and you will receive the necessary information in the e-mail.

Applications available after log-in

Online usersThanks to the information displayed here, you’ll know who is on-line on the platform. Clicking on the selected name from the list, you will open a profile of the user. There will be basic information about the user, also you will have a chance to send him/her a message. Just click on the little envelope next to the users’ name.

How to send a message to another user or a professor?

It’s very simple, after clicking on the envelope next to the logged on users’ name, a window will appear. There, you will find a text editor, which will help you write the e-mail.

You can send messages to the users that aren’t logged on. If you want to send a message to a person that does not appear in the Online users box, just find this person by clicking on the selected lesson. On the left, you will find “Participants” module. After clicking on it, a list of the course participants will appear. Selecting a name, a profile will appear. On the bottom, you will find “Send message” button. The user will read you message, after logging in.

If the user didn’t hide it’s e-mail in the profile, you can send him/her a message, using standard e-mail.

How can I check my data in the profile?

In the upper, right korner of the page, there is an information about your status, clicking on it, your profile will appear. This is an information about you available to all platform users. If you want to change the data or password in your profile, click on the edit profile. In addition to your personal data, you can place your picture. After confirming, your data will be changed. You will be able to do this also, by clicking your name, which appears in the panel „Online Users”.

How do you add new entries in the Caledar? There are two ways to do that:

You can choose from the main page of the calendar option New Event (or New Entry). By using the link New Event from the Upcoming events, appearing on the main page of this course.

By choosing one these options, you will be directed to the Event editor. This is a standard text editor. The event, which you’ll put here, will be available only to you. The Admin can insert Global Events, in this case, it will be available to all course users.

This way, you will be able to get information about the dates of the new materials.

How do I insert a post on a forum (Comments)?

Unfortunatelly, you cannot create new topics, but you can participate in already created topics, prepared by Admin. If you want to place your post on the forum, just choose „Reply” on the platform, and by using the text editor, write your answer.

What is the „My course” module?

It’s a tab with a list of all lessons, to which you are assigned. Each name of the lesson, which you’ll be learning is also a link, to which you’ll be directed.

How to browse through materials placed in the course area?

If you want to check a lesson, click on the selected element, this is also a link, which will re-direct you to the material. To go back to main page, choose its symbol placed in the upper navigation bar.

How to solve a test?

To solve a test, simply activate solving module by clicking on „Attempt quiz now”. With each quiz, you will get information like: test title, number of attempts and test questions. If you want to point out the answers, choose an area beside the answer, and save your answers. Now choose command “Continue”, you’ll be redirected to a summary of each attempt, time and finishing date of selected attempts.

What is the „Grades” buton”?

After clicking on the selected lessom, „grades” will appear on the left side of the screen. You will find there your quiz grade, which is placed in the lesson.

What is the Blog for? Blog is used for writing your thoughts about any topic. You can access your blog anytime. If you want, you can read other users’ blogs too.

Do you have more questions?


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