Alumnus of the Journalism and Politic Studies Institute. During the last 5 years, I broadened knowledge to multimedia solutions. I am the author of both, Japanese course and this webpage layout.

My achievements include creating other e-learning platforms like Japanese and Hebrew.

The Translator
KateKate Toeplitz

Alumnus of the Psychology Institute. I spent 5 years in the United States, learning language and culture. Currently I’m working as a psychologist in a Clinic for Alcohol Depended and their families.

Additionally, I began a 3-year cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy course. I became interested in Japanese language after 3 years of Aikido training.

Author of Text

JacekJacek Mendyk

Hi, my name is Jacek. I graduated from the Japanese Studies Department at Warsaw University in 2005 (M.A.).
I’ve been on a scholarship to Japan for one year and I’ve also worked in the Polish Pavilion at the EXPO in Aichi. Right now I’m working in Warsaw.



Hi there! ; ] I'm x years old (n = n - 1990, n = current year), I draw all these pictures which you can find on this site.
I like drawing and playing a guitar in my free time. Tschüs! : )



I’m a man known as Turbo. Don’ ask me why I’m Turbo. But if you need my skills, help or advice feel free to write on my e-mail.
Skills: Delphi, C++, Flash and more.


Hello. I'm Sushi. I prepaired some of flash on this page.


All of the course texts are provided with sound. Recordings were done by youth from school in Matsusaka, Japan.

If you want to know, who acted the roles of Daniel, Ann, John and other characters in the texts? – look below.

Miho アンナ (Anna)

Hi, my name is Miho Kohama. I am a junior high school student in Japan. My favorite foods are sweets. I like playing basketball.
I'm studying Japanese myself. Because I don't speak correct Japanese. I speak Kansai dialect. I enjoy recording very much.

Aya アンナ (Anna)

Hi, my name is Aya Hamaguchi. I'm good at calligraphy. I learn it once in a week. We always enjoy recording of dialogs.

Harukaダニエル (Daniel)

Hi, my name is Haruka Maegawa. I'm a junior high school student. I'm interested in ancient ruins.
If there is one in your town, tell me about it. And I want to go there some day. I'm glad to help you to study Japanese

Misakoさゆり (Sayuri)

My name is Misako Uno. I really enjoy recording the dialog. I hope it helps you to study Japanese.

Naoki 吉田 (Yoshida)

Hi, my name is Naoki Matsuda. I practice tennis at school every day for the nationwide tournament of tennis.
I'm very happy to do this work.

Tomokiジョン (John)

Hi, my name is Tomoki Hirata. I like baseball. I play baseball every day after school.
I'd like to know sports of the foreign countries. I'm glad to contribute your work.

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